How To Use Storytelling for Your Wedding

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Before I tell you how to use storytelling for your wedding, I want you to ask yourselves a few questions: where did the two of you meet? What are your favorite things to do together? Where are the two of you from (ie. alma mater, hometown, etc.)? What are the things that make your relationship tick? For instance in the below image, our clients were big supporters of the Labor Union and therefore, big Steinbeck fans – they gave Steinbeck books as favors and used custom bookmarks as escort cards.

Storytelling isn’t about finding the next trend on Pinterest, it’s incredibly personal and it’s my absolute favorite way to design a wedding for my clients. One of things you’ll notice about our weddings is that we may not have a distinct signature style. We are flexible and malleable when it comes to design because we need to meet the design aesthetic of our clients varied and variable tastes. The details are so incredibly important to us because they offer ample opportunity to tell your story as an individual, a couple and as a family.

Image by Stout Studios

With that said, take just one of those questions above – where did the two of you meet? We’ve had a client meet their fiancé over craft cocktails and it became a part of their story when they began hunting down the most fabulous beverages to imbibe together. In fact, the couple above even did a “cocktail mixing” as a part of their ceremony. It was hilariously called, “The Last Word” and they took turns pouring each ingredient into a shaker before sharing their first sip as a married couple. Can you also tell that they were HUGE Rock n Roll fans? They were married a velvet draped stage set with a LOVE marquee. So fun!

Sometimes we come from significantly diverse backgrounds – and those backgrounds still individually exist in their lives, like families from different states. These clients had family in both California and Ohio, many who were traveling to their Wine Country wedding and in honor of this, they created California and Ohio corn hole boards for guests to enjoy during their cocktail hour. The best part? They now have their own custom corn hole boards to enjoy in their own newlywed backyard.

Image by Sarah Maren Photography

In other cases, it’s not just a hobby, but a part of ones childhood. Our other clients grew up in a local art museum, as their mom often volunteered in its galleries as a docent. In choosing a venue, an art gallery seemed like an obvious choice for this bride and groom, as they frequented many together in their spare time – and when it came time to choosing the right one, the bride warmly remembered her hometown museum. The family still held friendships with many local artists and as a gift to their guests, each received a mini canvas of some of the couple’s favorite landmarks in their history as a couple.

Image by Rebecca Gosselin, Late Night Snacks by In-n-Out Burger

The easiest way to use storytelling in your wedding is to hire a professional to draw out these details and translate them into your wedding – from your favorite foods, music, hobbies and more, all of this can be infused into your wedding day. These unique details make your wedding so much more personal and memorable to you and your guests.

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