Virtual Events: Weddings

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Virtual Events: Weddings

Many of our clients are interested in Virtual Events for their Weddings because their original plans were affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Some have been willing to postpone their event to a later date, not willing to compromise their original vision, but some want to get virtually married on their original date, no matter what. We support our clients, in both scenarios, as we truly believe that love is stronger than COVID-19.

Those considering a virtual wedding may not know what that looks like – and it can certainly vary depending on how elaborate or simple you’d like to make it (just like any wedding day). There are many pieces of technology, beyond a normal Facebook/Instagram Live, Google Hangout or Zoom Video Chat that take virtual wedding execution from basic to a personalized storytelling experience.

Here are our tips on how to make your virtual wedding day amazing:

  • Confirm your officiant.
    Make sure your officiant is comfortable with the technology that you choose to broadcast your wedding. If your officiant isn’t tech savvy enough to run your virtual wedding, you could enlist your planner or a full-service AV company to manage it for you. In some cases, your event planning company may have planners who are also officiated. Kate Whelan Events has several planners on staff legally registered to officiate your wedding.
  • Wear your original wedding attire.
    If you were able to get everything altered, there is no reason you can’t feel fancy during your virtual event. If you weren’t able to, strategically placed pins and clamps can “alter” your attire temporarily, especially in a virtual setting. Your wedding planner may be able to help you find mail order alterations services as well. Alternatively, wear what makes you feel most comfortable, as that will help you stay present to enjoy the moment.
  • Include personal flowers + design.
    Ask your florist to create a bridal bouquet to hold and a boutonniere to wear for your ceremony. For some of our clients, flowers are sentimental and bring texture, color and scent to create ambiance. They also act as a keepsake and additional event decor for later (your bridal bouquet can act as a centerpiece during your post-nuptial celebratory dinner). Bouquets and boutonnieres could be sent to each of your wedding party members to hold/wear during the broadcast as well. Careful thought and consideration can be made for virtual or live backdrops to be used during your nuptials as well.
  • Do your hair and makeup.
    Many hair and makeup artists are offering virtual makeup coaching and hairstyling. It’s another way to involve self-care in your wedding preparations. Your wedding planner can help you find a vendor offering these services. If you don’t want to do your hair or makeup, that’s absolutely your prerogative too!
  • Review your technology options.
    Of course, you may use Facebook or Instagram Live, Zoom, Google Hangout or a plethora of other online video streaming services to broadcast your wedding. Services like iDoTV provide a full service solution to virtual weddings – from creating a customized portal for your guests to highlighting special family members or wedding party members during the broadcast to integrated music moments in a truly personalized experience. We also have vendors who can film and livestream a live-edited reality TV-like experience to your guests. Your wedding planner can help you review and choose the technology that works best for you.
  • Involve your guests.
    Send out a Spotify playlist for guests to enjoy in advance. Mail a cocktail kit or mini bottle of champagne to arrive prior to the wedding day – and then toast with your guests during a virtual cocktail hour together. Guests can perform toasts as they would during your reception – and you can cap it off with a big virtual dance party online. Your wedding planner can help you determine the ways you’d like to involve your guests – from mailing out cake bites, meals and favors to virtual photo booths shared via email.
  • Test your tech + rehearse.
    Do a rehearsal with your wedding party – even if it’s just you, your fiancé and your officiant. Making sure everything is working properly (including but not limited to wifi or hardline internet, cameras, mics, and/or virtual backdrops) will make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of and will allow the two of you to be present during the ceremony. Some wedding planners, like Kate Whelan Events, can both help plan your wedding and officiate too. Your wedding planner can help you find an AV company to assist or even help walk you through testing things with you.

Ultimately, there are ways to plan amazing virtual events for weddings. A wedding planner can help you determine what is most important to you, help connect you with the correct vendors to make it happen and coordinate everything so that it runs as smoothly as possible. The event consulting team at Kate Whelan Events is ready to help you make it happen!

Due to COVID-19, the special events industry is experiencing an incredible pivot in how events can be produced safely and effectively. We started the Virtual Events Series to discuss each category of our client events (including weddings, social, corporate and non-profit) and how this pivot can be achieved successfully with the help of a KWE Event Consultant. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please contact us here.

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