Dec 20

Chic Hats from Satya Twena

Pamela by Satya Twena

I love me a chic little cap! At the design studio, we are huge fans of hats and we’ve used them on both bridesmaids and brides alike – and we are definitely huge lovers of the vintage variety.

Image courtesy of Sarah Maren Photographers

We had custom-made hats made by humblebumbleb for Stevie and Blake’s modern vintage wedding at the Citizen Hotel. They even tea-stained crochet gloves to match!

Image courtesy of Sarah Maren Photographers

 At our Alice in Wonderland shoot, we choose the model’s own blue mini-veil cap to pay homage to the original Alice and her pretty blue dress. After all, your veil doesn’t have to be pristine white! Why not show some personality through hair and hat accessories?

Claire by Satya Twena

These hats from Satya Twena are a luxurious option, that’s for certain! The luscious colors and luxe accents bring a touch of vintage fashion to any outfit – and can you imagine how amazing it would look with your wedding dress? Heart-stoppingly gorgeous! Here are some of my favs:

Carlyn by Satya Twena
Ariel by Satya Twena
Norris by Satya Twena
Pooka by Satya Twena
June by Satya Twena
Marlowe by Satya Twena
Claudia by Satya Twena

That tassel just does it for me! Amazing – I might need that one myself…and there’s so much more – check out the rest of the delicious 2010 millinery collection by Satya Twena here!

Are you wearing a headpiece or fancy hat for your festivities?

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