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Brooch Bouquets

Image Courtesy of Weddings Fresh

They might be considered classic or just making a come-back, but there’s one thing to be said for brooches – they can make a stunning addition to your wedding bouquet! They can be large or small; you can mix them with flowers, fabric; or even let them stand on their own! They could be family heirlooms, or you could be starting a new family tradition. Nevertheless, brooches are popping up everywhere!

Image Courtesy of Strictly Weddings

One of the most common ways brooches have been showing up in bouquets is as an alternative to flowers. These brooch bouquets are completely composed of different sparkly pins. They can be completely mis-matched, or grouped with similar styles. You can pick all antique, all modern, or all flowers-like brooches as shown in the bouquet above.

Image Courtesy of Intimate Weddings
Image Courtesy of Sarah Maren Photography
Bouquet by Flourish

These brooch bouquets have s a mixture of flowers and brooches. You could nestle them together in the center with the fresh flowers surrounding it – or you could also have the brooches interspersed with flowers for a more eclectic look!

Image Courtesy of Karen Tran Florals

This bouquet not only has the brooches mixed into the flowers, but they add a great pop of contrast to the white flowers. It is a striking and unique bouquet – and just think of how different it might look with beautiful colored brooches instead!?

Image Courtesy of Rice and Ink

I love this little bouquet. It’s not very large, but is compose of hand painted fabric with a bouquet in the center. It’s so sweet and yet stunning, and is not what you see at every wedding.

In fact, here’s a great post over at Fancy Pants Weddings on how to DIY your very own Brooch Bouquet! Judy makes it looks easy – so if you get overwhelmed, no worries! Many florists are now offering these in their range of services.

Do you plan to use brooches in your bouquet?

  1. Saw my first one from photos of a family members wedding and fell in love. I am now creating this unique bouquets in my little shop in Hardinsburg, Kentucky. The concept is simply beautiful and a great way to create a heirloom piece to be enjoyed after the wedding.

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