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We do not currently offer “Day of” Coordination services as we offer a certain level of service that requires much communication in advance. Much of what we do, requires that we know every little detail regarding your wedding and have spent time confirming these details with vendors, looking for red flags and filling in any “to be determined” details. As you can imagine, this would be an impossible task with a “Day of” service.

Therefore, we offer Month of Coordination to ensure that our quality of service never slips. It gives us the time to communicate with the clients to ensure expectations are met, to communicate with the vendors to ensure they are on-time, well-informed, on the same page and to troubleshoot any areas that need additional assistance.

Our Essential Collection is the base level of services that we offer, allowing us to ensure that our service is consistent with other KWE Clients.

Why We Do Not Offer “Day of” Coordination