Feb 6

What Inspires Me

Fortune Cookie Favors by Beau-coup

Just about everything inspires me – from magazines to blogs, from packaging to inner mechanics, from books to…fortune cookie fortunes. Yes, fortune cookie fortunes are regularly saved and displayed on our refrigerator at home under the weight of many magnets.

Perhaps it’s the affirmation-esque nature of the positive thoughts, but they have been eerily accurate for me over the past couple of years. Here’s a choice selection of fortunes I’ve received recently:

I opened this cookie right before I started KME:

Try a new hat for a change in looks. Be creative!

After taking on my first event, in which I spent a lot of extra time on the details:


Your charitable efforts will be worthwhile.

Immediately following my third KME event:


You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course.

After my sixth event:


New financial resources will soon become available to you.

And finally, during the development of the Bodacious Business Planners:


Your surrounding friends will take good care of you.

That, they have! Aren’t they eerily accurate? I keep these particular fortunes on my desk as regular inspiration to keep on keepin’ on. After all, I will obtain my goal if I maintain my course, right?

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