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{Trending | Bridal Beauty} Dark Lip

The dark lip is making it’s return for Fall. Although this glamorous lip color can be worn year round, it looks absolutely amazing in Fall and Winter weddings. Seen everywhere from fashion runways to celebrities, this classic pout flatters all skin tones and brings a lovely natural flush to the rest of the face. It does wonders preventing camera wash out and creates a glamorous contrast on skin and defines and accentuates lips, whether matte or glossy. Whether your style is classic, glamorous, or romantic there’s a dark lip color to compliment. It’s the ultimate accessory.
 Photo courtesy of Sarah Maren Photography
Makeup and Hair by Nicole Solarez of Deja Du Salon
Treat this statement lip as the focal point of your beauty look by pairing it with neautral colors on the rest of the face. A rich dark lip is synonymous with the whimsy of romantic fairy tales, to get that romantic look (like the ones above) pair it with flushed cheeks, perfectly arched brows and doe eyes. 
These rich colors can range from cherry, raspberry, and blackberry to velvety crimson and deep plum. For most skin tones it’s flattering to stick to lip colors with blue undertones (in the berry family) versus orange. Cherry to raspberry shades look great on fair skin, wines and crimson look lovely on medium tones but can pretty much wear the entire range of darks, while blackberry and plum flatter darker tones. Don’t feel obliged to stick within this guideline because as it is evident from these photos, the complete opposite makes for a breathtaking look.

Photo courtesy of
For a classic look (like the one above) pair it with sleek eyeliner, sheer rosy cheeks and illuminating highlights. It also goes beautifully with a shimmery champagne lid.

For a retro glamour look (like the one above) go for a soft smoldering eye, lush lashes, and filled in brows. By emphasizing the brows it prevents them from being washed out on film while balancing out the dark lip color.

  1. AZ in August says:

    I love this trend and the bright red trend going on. I'm going with the retro/pin-up-inspired look of dark red lips! :o)

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