Aug 16

Gorgeous Cotton and Paper Garlands

The more I decorate for events, the more I realize that there is way more “punch” delivered when all aspects of a space are used. This means that the often neglected ceilings, walls, and everything above table level can easily be forgotten. With outdoor spaces, it’s easy to just design centerpieces and leave the decor at that. However, when you add the extra special touch of hanging items from the ceiling, walls, trees, or anything else with height, it adds to the feeling of being surrounded by celebration. It may be nothing new, but I love pom poms or lanterns hung in trees – there is no reason to stop there!
Living in the Central Valley, we often took road trips thru farm land when I was little and we would stop whenever something piqued our curiosity (quite often). Once, our adventure lead us to stop alongside a cotton field that was almost ready to harvest. We picked cotton flowers to take home and ended up doing a silly craft using the cotton that we’d harvested. That explains why I love, love, love this fabulous garland! So fun and different, and yet easy to do!
Image courtesy of Oh Joy!
Image courtesy of Lace and Tea

If cotton is not the look that speaks to you, there’s lots of ways to work non-traditional garlands into your day. Something as simple as cutting out a simple shape from card stock and stitching thru it with a sewing machine gives you an instant detail that’s full of personality. These love birds are adorable!

Image courtesy of The Inspired Bride

If you don’t have a sewing machine, or are just a little intimidated by committing to too many sewing projects for your big day, you can have the same fabulous touch. Etsy is a treasure trove of great finds! You can get spools of confetti garland in different colors, and even with different details such as music notes or newsprint.

Image courtesy of My Joy
Image courtesy of So You’re Engayged.
If you love the idea of this cheerful garland, but don’t have trees to decorate, there are plenty of other ways to use it! Hang it from above, either draped in swags or straight down like a curtain. It can be laced along a wall for an accent to fill empty space or set an area apart. It can even be draped across a mantle or around the back of reserved chairs. Just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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