Oct 15

Gilt Groupe Wedding Shop

Some of the amazing pieces to be found at the Gilt Groupe Wedding Week sale.

I am a self-professed shopping addict – and Gilt Groupe has definitely played it’s role in this habit. Online Sample Sales are a fantastic way to score incredible deals on designer wares that you might normally not be able to afford. Some sample sales offer discounts up to 80 – 90% – most are closer to 40 – 50% discounts.

I’ve been hooked for the past two years, so I’d love to share some tips with you before the incredible Wedding Week they have planned:

  1. Scope out the Designers and any preview pieces. This can help in one of two ways – first you can preview to see just what to target first to ensure it doesn’t get snapped up. Secondly, you can find the piece(s) at a local department store and try it on to ensure a proper fit. 
  2. If you’re buying a Wedding Dress, pay attention to their sizing recommendations and when in doubt, order a size up. You can always have it taken in.
  3. If you’re buying Shoes, pay attention to their sizing recommendations and when in doubt, order two sizes. You can return one pair and have those Louboutins for the sample sale price, plus a little extra in shipping and returns. Be forewarned: They may only allow return credits.

Here is the schedule for the Wedding Week’s Events:

Day one: “The Happy Couple,”
Wednesday, October 20, at noon ET.
Find the gown, the jewelry, the shoes, and the suit.

Day two: “The Bridal Party: A Perfect Match,”
Thursday, October 21, at noon ET.
Don’t miss a selection of dresses that your bridesmaids will want to wear again (really).

Day three: “Honeymoons and Experiences,”
Friday, October 22, at noon ET.
Deal with the details—the pre-big day shape-up, the makeup, the cake, the bash—then book the perfect romantic getaway.

Day four: “Home and Registry,”
Saturday, October 23, at noon ET.
A stellar selection of china, bedding, and home goods that’s perfect for aspiring nesters.

Not a member? Not a problem! Get exclusive access to a Gilt Groupe membership for being a KME Blog reader and click here to join.

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