Aug 9

{Darling Details} Buttons

Image courtesy of Castle of the Immaculate Blog

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up with a crafty family and spent a lot of time in quilt stores. While they aren’t always used in quilts, for some reason just about every quilt store I’ve ever been in has had a basket of single buttons somewhere in the shop. They’re usually very inexpensive and are typically sold by the scoop, or sometimes by weight. As a little girl that was waiting for her mother to get fabric cut, I thought that button basket was like a treasure chest full of jewels, gems, and pearls.

Image courtesy of Craft Magazine
One day while looking for new inspiration online, I stumbled upon the idea of a button bouquet. Instantly I was in love. Not only was this a fun option for a bride that isn’t into the traditional flowers, but I was suddenly transformed back into a little girl playing with all of the beautiful buttons and wishing I had something to do with them. Suddenly, Pandora’s Box of Buttons was open and the ideas just wouldn’t stop.
Image courtesy of Two Brunettes
I absolutely love this whimsical look that is so simple! Just strands of thread or embroidery floss with buttons tied on there.
Image courtesy of Junebug Weddings

They also make the perfect addition to invitations, favor boxes… really the possibilities are endless.

  1. Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts says:

    Too too funny that you should do this post! I just did a button themed photoshoot a couple of weeks ago! Can't wait to be able to put them out there, but we're all going to have to wait!

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