Love Bird Wedding Details

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I keep finding myself being drawn to the details that could be called cheesy or a bit overdone, but I can’t help it! There is a way to do cutesy and have it just be cute and sweet without being overdone and cliche. One theme that might dance that fine line between cheesy and cute is “Love Birds.” Birds, birds everywhere could make you feel like you’re a Hitchcock bride – but done right, these little friends can be sweet surprises nesting all around.

Images courtesy of Inspired By This

By using feathers, nests, and nest-feeling details, this wedding had a theme of love birds without having birds everywhere. They were printed on just a few items like the invitations and favors. It’s a bit understated, yet still sweet.

Image courtesy of Things Festive

I hadn’t seen this detail before and I think it’s an adorable idea!! Mixed bird seed filling halved egg shells dyed robins-egg blue. I’m sure eggs like this are available online, or could be a very easy DIY project.

Image courtesy of Wedding Obsession

I couldn’t resist this one when I found it, as I absolutely adore owls. Of course you could use as many or as few owls as you wanted.

Image courtesy of Things Festive

Are any feathered-friends going to play a role in your wedding day decor?

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