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Charity is an amazing thing.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily lives, focused on the next task at hand or the next big life event and we forget that there are people out there who are struggling. Amazingly enough, some of those that are struggling are still flourishing in life, finding their passions in work, in life and in love – and celebrating every moment. I find inspiration in those people and feel that it’s very important to encourage that within my local community.

This is exactly why Wish Upon a Wedding is so incredible! It’s America’s only wish-granting organization for people planning their wedding while facing a terminal illness. Wedding vendors from across the country have banded together in order to create a coalition of wedding talent, providing amazing services to these truly deserving Brides and Grooms.

In life, you get what you give! I truly believe in the importance of charity work and will be doing my part in any way I can to support this organization, by way of service or donation.

For more information, please take a peek at this cheat sheet – or visit the Wish Upon a Wedding website:

Wish Upon a Wedding

This week is Wish Upon a Wedding Awareness Week – so bloggers, tweeters, and Facebookers, feel free to re-post, Twitter or Facebook this information!

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  • Rashell Choo says:

    Wow, what an amazing organization! We will definitely start spreading the word and supporting them in any way we can. Thanks for sharing!!

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