Highlight: Jaclyn and Jeff

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Jaclyn and Jeff
Jaclyn and Jeff, both California natives, met while working together on a political campaign in 2007.  The love between these two is unbreakable - and it was truly an honor for Team KWE to bring their wedding dreams to life. One of the most sought out venues in California, The Hideout at Kirkwood is truly a breathtaking setting to say "I do".  Concerned about rain, Team KWE lept into to action to secure the cou

Highlight: Buu & Brian

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Buu & Brian
"Easy-going, classy and fun" were three words that Buu and Brian wanted their wedding day to be like. Well judging by these beautiful pictures, it's safe to say they got exactly what they wanted! In every image you can see the love that both Buu and Brian have for each other. Brian comes from a Mid-West family, and he met Buu when she did a background check on him before becoming a part of the Big Brother-Big Sister