Gorgeous Garter

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ethereal silk tulle garter by Florrie Mitton

The Garter Toss is sometimes a point of contention for our clients, so it’s important that our brides have beautiful options to choose from. It’s an age-old tradition regarding the belief that having a piece of the bridal dress would bring guests good luck. Hundreds of years ago, it was believed that wedding guests would rip pieces off of the bride’s dress in hopes that they would be next to marry.

To save the dress from being ruined, the garter toss was invented. Of course, for some, this is an intimate moment that they don’t want to share in front of a crowd.

romance by Florrie Mitton

Well, these couture options from Florrie Mitton are definitely too gorgeous to toss! The designs are so beautiful and delicate, they will be a beautiful keepsake as well as a sexy-sweet accent on your wedding day.

eden lace garter by Florrie Mitton
eden lace garter by Florrie Mitton
forever lace garter with rhinestone trim by Florrie Mitton
aphrodite beaded garter by Florrie Mitton
glitterati silk tulle garter by Florrie Mitton

Hilary Duff wore a Florrie Mitton on her wedding day and it was stunning!  Which one will you choose for your special day?

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