{Darling Details} Embroidery Hoops

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During summercamp, as a child I used to love the arts and crafts. Popsicle sticks and yarn became gorgeous ornaments, simple thread became a cherished display of friendship when braided around a wrist and, of course, there was always practicing stitches on the embroidery hoop.

These very same hoops keep popping up in interior and event design and I thought I’d share a few fun photos! From eye level to above, the wooden rounds are transformed into more than just frames for a fun fabric or two – they add a graphic element most frames cannot.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Image courtesy of Carmen Salazar Photography

Image courtesy of Hip Hostess 

They create a pattern of whimsical polka dots across any surface. Easily customizable for any palette and styles from rustic to modern, these cheap chic craft supplies have become more than just a practical embroidery tool.

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  • Trisha Dean Events says:

    Loving the hoops on the ceiling! What a cool idea – could add such sass to a boring space.

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