Baffled By Your Budget?

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Image courtesy of 1weddingsource

One of the most stressful duties during the wedding planning process is discussing the budget. After all, we’re here to celebrate love, family and friends – do we have to get into the nitty gritty?!

My advice? Get it out of the way – the sooner, the better!

Discovering your event planning boundaries will actually speed up the process – it’s surprising but true! It will make your decisions much easier to make and quickly clear up what’s truly important to you and your beau.

The tough part? Knowing what things cost.

We offer an Initial Budget Meeting to discuss just that: what things cost. Everyone’s taste and style is different and therefore, each and every budget is very different. Every region has it’s costs, as well. We can discuss just exactly what you envision and give you a good idea of what it might cost you. In fact, we can point you to the right vendors to make that happen!

Just like that, the befuddled become the enlightened!

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