Anthropologie Ring Dishes

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Golden Feathered Bird’s Nest Ring Dish ($14) and Gilded Giraffe Swimming Hole Ring Dish ($12)
via Anthropologie

I remember searching for a suitable ring display vessel when I was newly engaged. It had to be functional, beautiful and something I wanted to showcase in my home – nothing like this.  Most brides want to display their ring when it’s not on their hand – so this is an important purchase in the wedding world!  Of course, we’ve always been a fan of Anthropologie and their wares re-purposed for weddings – so we peruse the shelves often and I recently discovered that they have a fabulous collection of unique ring dishes.

Silver Antler Five-Point Ring Dish ($16) and Antiqued Silver Fledgling Nest Ring Bowl ($32)
via Anthropologie
Porcelain Puppy Sidekick Show-Off Ring Dish ($10) and White Rabbit Nestled Ring Dish ($10)
via Anthropologie
Glittering Glass Florence Flask Ring Stand ($49.95 on sale) and Brass Fish Gulping Guppy Ring Dish ($18)
via Anthropologie

All of these are incredibly beautiful in their own way and would be perfect for any bride.  I absolutely adore these and am considering picking one up for myself. I can’t decide between the glass stopper bottle and the gilded bird’s nest – which one would you choose?

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