Mythbusters: Concierge Vendor Referrals

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[caption id="attachment_6625" align="alignnone" width="700"] Image by Chip Gillespie Photography[/caption] A new trend of Concierge Vendor Referrals has popped up on sites like Wedding Wire and Aside from their anti-wedding planner marketing techniques, I have absolutely no problem with these services. I think they're great for those on a tight budget...with a caveat. How they work. You contact the

Mythbusters: Wedding Season in California

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Our very own Kristine of Kate Whelan Events on her New Year's Eve Lake Tahoe Wedding Image courtesy of Vernon Wiley Mythbusters is a new series where we will be debunking common wedding myths related to all aspects of planning your wedding for a newly engaged bride and groom. Myth: Choosing a date in the off-season will save you thousands of dollars. Truth: There are a multitude of reasons why this doe