Highlight: Amber and Jay

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Amber and Jay
Amber and Jay came to Team KWE with so much passion and love for one another.  These two met in Sutter Memorial's emergency room, but not for the reason you might think - Amber is a nurse and Jay is a firefighter. Both lovers of ice cream, Amber and Jay spent their first date, proposal, and wedding sharing a dish of their favorite dessert. When asked how they wanted their wedding day to feel, Amber and Jay respon

Highlight: Gema and Jose

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Gema and Jose had a very unique story coming to Team KWE.  They had already been married for 10 years and were finally looking to have the big celebration they had always dreamed about.  Gema and Jose stressed that they wanted their big day to be memorable and fun for everyone involved.  They decided to keep their wedding local and chose St. Anthony Church for their ceremony and the Sacramento Masonic Temple for