Groom Style: The James Bond Look

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I think all us ladies can agree that Daniel Craig as James Bond in the new 007  installment is OH LA LA! The super spy was dressed exclusively by Tom Ford, sporting a multitude of styles ranging from pinstriped suits, classic tuxedos to fitted blazers. For all those brides who secretly dream over that James Bond look, we suggest you check out some of the Bond-inspired suits to make your groom look dashing on your wedding day! Warning: The following images are drool-worthy so keep a napkin handy!

Image Courtesy of Digital Spy

Image Courtesy of Screen Rant

Image Courtesy of Screen Crave

Image Courtesy of Daily Motion Blog

Image Courtesy of Boca Do Labo

Image Courtesy of The Fashionaliser

Couples who do not desire to spend Tom Ford money can check out other suits and tuxedos that parallel those featured in the movie for inspiration. Check out some of these shops: Zegna, Brooks Brothers, Thomas Pink , Mr. Porter, Macy’sBanana Republic, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Your groom doesn’t have to be Agent Bond to look killer in a suit like him!

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