21 Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

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With the 2017 wedding season quickly approaching many of our clients have started the process of ordering their invitations. Determining your wedding invitation wording can sometimes be a difficult task but our friends at Aerialist Press have provided us with some tips and ideas on how to make the perfect invitation for your wedding.   These tips will help you create anything from a traditional formal invitation to a more playful casual invitation. Read through the breakdown of the anatomy of an invitation – it will help you avoid any etiquette wrongdoings while providing you guidelines on how to create your ideal invitation that will provide a snippet for your guest on what to expect.

There are ideas that will help the couple address any questions that they may have regarding the format of their invitation, from how to incorporate both set of parents as hosts to how to let your guests know that this is a black tie affair. This is a quick and easy guide for couples who either just want the basic information, as well as couples that want a more in-depth discussion of all the elements of an invitation and for couples who want a deeper understanding of etiquette and stationery wording.  Plus read even more tricks and tips regarding registries, postage and mailing too!

21 Invitation Wording Ideas

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  • Ashley Baeza says:

    Love this. It was such a simple blog but with so much information. I usually enjoy getting wedding invitations because it’s the first feel you get in regards to the couples personality and style.

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